The ASRTI/ART deplores the closure of Warri airport due to high navigational charges by NAMA.

This airport started as a hub for non-scheduled & charter operations and has grown to providing scheduled services which has eased pains of passengers by flying to Warri and other neighboring cities tremendously while growing the Nigerian Economy in general, Delta state in particular.

ASRTI/ART is of the opinion that the airport is certified by NCAA to operate scheduled flights and its tariffs approved accordingly in line with Nigeria Civil Aviation Regulations (NCARs).

Therefore, there should have been an agreement between NAMA and the operators of Warri airport on tariffs before the deployment of AIR TRAFFIC services.

We advise all parties as a necessity to urgently come together and resolve all issues as stipulated in the regulations so we can ameliorate pains of the traveling public, air operators, staff and all concerned stakeholders.