The aviation industry plays a critical role in the economic development and connectivity of Nigeria. As a new administration takes charge, it is essential to embark on an Aviation Reset, a comprehensive agenda that revitalizes and transforms the sector to meet the evolving needs and challenges of the modern era.

The BBM on Tuesday July 11th is focused at getting the industry back in the air. The road map was riddled with litigations, Union agitation and apathy from investors. The 2023 Q2 BBM therefore is a platform to provide a comprehensive roadmap for the new administration in Nigeria to rejuvenate the aviation sector and increase its contribution to the GDP.

By focusing on aviation infrastructure development, safety enhancement, airline industry support, human capital development, sustainable aviation, and stakeholder engagement, Nigeria can position itself as a leading player in the global aviation landscape, driving economic growth, connectivity, and prosperity for its people.

Aviation Breakfast Business Meeting

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