We, the members of the Aviation Safety Round Table Initiative {ASRTI/ART}, a non-profit and non-political association do solemnly resolve: To ensure the advancement of the Nigerian Aviation Industry; To consistently promote safety, security and professionalism and Through effective working relationship with Government and knowledge sharing with all stakeholders DO HEREBY GIVE UNTO OURSELVES THE FOLLOWING CONSTITUTION: ARTICLE 1: GENERAL PROVISIONS 1. The Organization shall be known and called the AVIATION SAFETY ROUND TABLE INITIATIVE which name may, where appropriate be abbreviated as ASRTI or ART. 2. The National Secretariat of the ASRTI/ART shall be situated at Lagos and may maintain liaison in such other place or places as the General Meeting may from time to time determine. 3. The ASRTI/ART Logo shall be an outward-bound airplane surrounded by technicians’ hand tools and such other insignia emplaced on a roundtable. 4. The ASRTI/ART shall have such officers with such functions, tenure, and terms of office as this CONSTITUTION may prescribe and such other officers and servants as the BOARD of the ASRTI/ART may from time to time appoint. 5. AMENDMENT OF ASRTI/ART CONSTITUTION The ASRTI/ART in General Meeting, held in due notice and otherwise in accordance with this CONSTITUTION; make and from time to time revoke, amend, or add to this CONSTITUTION as required for the regulation, government and advantage of the ASRTI/ART, its members and property, and for the furtherance of the objects and purposes of the ASRTI/ART provided that no such revocation, amendment or addition shall be repugnant to this CONSTIUTION or the LAW OF THE FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA, and provided also that no such revocation, amendment or addition shall take event until the same has been allowed by at least 2/3 of the number of members present at the ASRTI/ART special General Meeting.


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